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About Me

For over 25 years I have been selling Lingerie and Adult Products at clubs, special events and house parties that have been playfully called “Funware Parties” after the other kind of home product parties.

I have had a lot of fun with this business especially when it comes to meeting other women and having fun sharing intimate moments with them. I have also earned their trust in the products I sell.


I have also had a lot of fun at the coed Lingerie & Adult Product parties. For some reason they tend to be the wildest and strangely the most sales come from those types of parties. The men love buying fun items for their girlfriends and wives and the women don’t mind getting new clothes or a toy, so it is a win, win all around.

Everyone loves the parties I have hosted that have sexy models showing off the newest dresses, lingerie or leather clothing. It is also fun explaining both verbally and hands on how a certain product works.

I think the most important aspect of my selling these items is my understanding and knowledge of the product I am selling.

I actually meet with many of the makers of the products I sell. Because of my personally using and selling these items at home parties I know what product does what and which ones are better made and do what they say they will do.

I am also always looking for new and fun adult products wither it be toys, clothing or shoes at Lingerie and Adult Toy Expos and when I find them I will be adding them to the site.

Because of my experience and trust I have gained from my clients many of them have become friends.  I have gotten so many request from friends (both in my community and who live elsewhere) asking me about my selling Lingerie, Adult Products, Leather and Vinyl clothes that I decided to create a web site to help service my friends and customers not just in my community but all over the U.S.

I am like many women who hate the lines and hassles at the stores, fighting for a parking space and listening to pushy sales persons or sales persons who really don’t care what your needs are. 

Here you can sit back in your chair, listen to your favorite music and relax and shop or just browse.

If you ever have any questions, I am always available to answer them for you.  If you don’t see a product your looking for here then ask I can probably find it for you.

My goal is to make your shopping here a fun and enjoyable experience.

Thank you for shopping at my store,


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